Origin of the milk

Milk is obvious that it has always been in its own, or rather, since mammals looked out on the earth.
However, it seems that it has been “discovered” as food only about 10.000 anni fa.
In fact, the history of milk is very controversial and often leads to popular mythology and beliefs. Some archaeological finds testify that the use of milk was already in vogue 8,000 years before Christ in the most populated areas of the earth in those days, namely Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East.

The rest is recent history: not so many years ago it was the farmer who owned cows who sold milk door to door.
Every morning the farmer milked the cows collecting the milk in aluminum containers and after loading it on a donkey, mule, horse or bicycle he transported it around to deliver it to customers who, the night before, worried about leaving an empty bottle in front of the door.
Subsequently, in the larger centers, collection points were born for producers, “le latterie”, Where we went early in the morning to get milk for breakfast.
Today our tankers at 4:30 a.m. every morning, “spin” among selected farmers, to collect the milk that will soon be processed into the high quality products of the Casearia Lanza. Only Italian milk from farms selected for quality and hygiene in full respect of nature and current legislation.