La nostra storia

1981 L’avventura ha inizio

It was born in September 1981 from an idea of its founder Pasquale Lanza who, since the first day of activity, has been concerned to find the best raw materials in order to obtain products that are always genuine and of the highest quality. In the early days the production was carried out with simple and manual means, only with the help of small equipment that helped during the rupture of the curd and the formation of the coagules from which the mozzarella would be born.

1989 Il consolidamento

In the following years, with the increase in demands from customers, the company, under the management of the spouses Chiarina and Francesco Giacobbe began to evaluate the opportunity to include, within the production process, innovations that gradually made available on the market for equipment for the dairy sector. In particular, a pasteurizer was included in the production process to heat the milk and make the production homogeneous, followed by the multi-purpose machines were inserted, these are AISI 304 steel tanks, an alloy that allows to obtain hygienically impeccable equipment and above all resistant even to the most corrosive agents (detergents used in the food industry).

2010 Posizionamento leader nel settore locale

As demand increased, production grew hand in hand, to the point where, and we are at the end of the 80s, it became necessary to include in the production process an automatic spinning / forming machine and a vertical packaging machine, also automatic, for the packing of dairy products.

2021 Cambiamento e Innovazione

In 2021 the Casearia Lanza Srl is born, the result of the generational transition between the “Caseificio Lanza” of the founding partners and the current company whose sole shareholder is Angelo Antonio Lanza. It boasts a strong positioning on its reference market, made up of shops, restaurants, pizzerias and supermarket chains existing in the province of Avellino.

Perfezionamento e nuove lavorazioni

Despite the difficulties due to the serious global pandemic, the project continues. New machinery and strict quality standards trace the way that provides for many new things, Small steps that will not alter the least the promises made to consumers in 1981 by the founders: Offer a high quality product that reflects the place of production and respects it by consolidating the always current values of the green land of Irpinia.

2023 Prospettive per il futuro

The goal of the current corporate structure is to cross regional borders in the first place, looking for the best boutiques of food and wine products to which to offer their products and, at the same time, prepare to face the challenges of the globalized world to position itself in some foreign markets.
All this will be possible thanks to a production capacity that has grown over the years, reaching the possibility of working and processing over 120q of milk per day. In addition, the investment program already started, with the inclusion of a multipurpose pair and a new spinner/former, will allow, within a few months, to obtain a processing capacity of up to 150q of milk per day which, considering an average yield of 11% would allow to obtain about 1650kg of daily product, on 6 working days for 52 weeks a year.