Welcome to Irpinia!

For you a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products, proudly produced in our Flùmeri dairy by our farmhouses using only Italian milk. Welcome to Casearia Lanza!

What a great story!

Dairy founded in 1981 from an idea by Pasquale Lanza that has always been linked to an idea of offering products that represent tradition and incorporate the true flavor and authenticity of the typical Irpine dairy specialties.

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Who produces the milk?

Here’s our secret! From pastures to your table a path that we continuously check, to make sure we bring the flavor of our Irpinia green to your table, every day.

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High quality craftsmanship

Our production is basically divided into two categories of products: The dry (provoloni, provole, aged cheeses); The fresh mozzarella, dairy products, scamorze).

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What's cool?

From our family to you

The first food a newborn receives is milk. Always on the list of healthy and nutritious foods that parents recommend to their children. At breakfast, meal or snack he accompanies us for life. Milk is a product with a high nutritional capacity because it contains calcium, high quality vitamins and proteins, good sugars and fats. It also promotes the maintenance of the healthy weight thanks to its low caloric intake. A healthy eating habit is to consume milk and its derivatives daily without exceeding, in a healthy and conscious way.

The Lanza supply chain


Origin of the milk

Our tank cars from 4:30 a.m. each morning, collect fresh milk from selected breeders.

Highly qualified staff

Casearia Lanza employs highly qualified staff with decades of experience.

Artisanal work

Looking forward to technology and progress, always respecting the canons of craftsmanship.

Same-day delivery

Our products are distributed by our fleet of vans at a constant temperature of 4*C.

I nostri prodotti


Soft cheese prepared with cow’s milk. It is produced every day by strictly observing the steps of our ancient recipe.

Scamorza e Silano

Scamorza is a traditional cheese typical of our land. Produced with cow’s milk daily also in the smoked variant.


Caciocavallo Lanza is a spun cheese made with cow’s milk with an intense and buttery flavor. Depending on the place and time of seasoning, he always acquires different flavors and aromas.

Formaggio fresco

The primosale is a cheese prepared with Italian cow’s milk with a very short curing period, often used in the preparation of rustics and cheese cakes.

Recipe with primosale

``Pizza Chiena`` Cheese cake with primosale

Although any mammal can produce milk, commercial dairy farms are typically one-species enterprises. In developed countries, dairy farms typically consist of high producing dairy cows. Other species used in commercial dairy farming include goats, sheep, and camels. Donkeys in Italy.

So many teasing ideas!

Scamorze silani sempre gustosi e genuini, pronti per essere serviti in tavola!

Elegant aperitif

Scegli Mozzarella Lanza per un gustoso aperitivo!

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